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6 Free Knitting Bag Patern

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Merajut Adalah Sebuah Keterampilan Tangan Yang Mudah Di Pelajari, Hanya Dengan Mengandalkan Seutas Benang dan Sebatang Jarum Kait, Kita bisa Membuat Berbagai jenis Produk Rajutan. Berikut Review Buku "3 Hari Terampil Merajut"

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pam allenindulged her fondness for the berry stitch in this quick-and-easy knitting bag whose cigar shape was inspired by a bag she saw in a catalog. For the front and back, she knitted two slightly shaped rectangles and seamed them along the bottom and partway up the sides. Rather than binding off, she placed the live stitches on wooden knitting needles, squished them together to form soft gathers, and applied a little superglue. Garter-stitch handles sewn to the front and back are all that’s needed to finish the bag. This particular bag isn’t lined, but it would be an easy matter to use the front and back as pattern pieces and add a cheery print lining to prevent needles from poking through. Klik For e-book.

Baby Love : 25 Knit and Crochet Project For Baby

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Lion Brand : Learn To Knit


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Knittingdaily : 6 Free Knitting Bag Patern

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